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In love with life..

Its not just a caption/status msg, But yes, I love life, not as much as I would ideally want to, But nevertheless… I do.

Isnt it beautiful that this world offers so much.. so much to experience,to feel,to laugh about, to cry about, to see, to remember, to cherish…

They are different places to be seen.. Each a world in its own, every place has its own elements,its own colors, its own nature.

There are different people to be met, each person made by God.. each person driven by a thought process guided by what he has experienced in life and what he is going through. He/she touches your life and you leave a mark on others.

Different emotions.. Your heart might soar with happiness or you might be feeling dark and gloomy.. Each emotion is a part of the spectrum, you might be on top of the spiral, or you might be sliding down..

Be it the pitter patter of raindrops or the cold wind blowing against my skin. I love it all.

Do I have an appetite for life? I would say, Bring it on!


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